October 22, 2008

To follow trend la!


Partly kidding.

I did refuse to start blogging much earlier just because so many bloggers around are such attention seeking whores. And at the time I felt that I didn’t have a substantial reason for blogging. I never liked the idea of narrating my everyday activities online (as if it was so interesting to read anyway) and there’s no point in doing something without a purpose. Without meaning.

Which leads me now to why.

Why start now?

I blog because I want to convey my thoughts, musings, stories and pose questions on life, and human issues. It is more or less an overdue outlet and platform for intellectual discussion rather than ranting to random folks on MSN about things that they rather not hear. Rawr!

Also to post uber awesome stuff I find, rather than letting some people blog about it, and steal all of my thunder. 😀

I blog also so that I can keep in touch with people whom I’ve lost contact with (and there are several). Reiterating events and stories over and over again is rather taxing to do and honestly being as lazy as I am, I’ll just have to write once here, and be over and done with. Haha. Moreover, I detest I should be condemned to playing Facebook all day all night, although the applications are pretty fun. Once I graduate this December, there are bound to be a few I won’t be meeting for a long time as well. So yes, this is a social tool. If you say you totally blog for yourself, well then, you’re not being entirely truthful now, are you?

Most of all,

I blog to remember 🙂



Domokun Attacks! by Hermanau

Domokun Attacks! by Hermanau


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